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Elder Law and Aged Care

Elder Law & Aged Care

At The Law Shack we are committed to assisting the elderly and/or those who have parents, close relatives, siblings, friends or neighbours facing  a range of unique issues confronting the elderly and those living in (or contemplating living in) aged care homes.

We provide clear and practical advice

Issues that often arise concern Wills and Estate Planning, Enduring Powers of Attorney and capacity issues surrounding the making or revoking of such documents and contracts. Guardianship and Estate administration matters are also included in our services, as is advice with respect to entering into Residential Aged Care Accommodation and the applicable legislation.

If you are in any way concerned about the misuse of property or neglect of an elderly person then please make arrangements to see us for an urgent consultation. Matters dealing with the elderly usually must be dealt with urgently and swiftly and we are there to assist.

How can we help?

Please contact one of our lawyers for assistance or to obtain information in relation to our fixed prices. Reach us today on 13 20 30.

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