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Commercial Litigation and Civil Litigation Lawyers

Litigation Lawyers

Litigation Lawyers

Our team of Gold Coast litigation lawyers are committed to producing results and offering exceptional legal advice. When you choose us, we ensure the most efficient and positive resolution to your dispute.

Areas of civil and commercial litigation we can assist with

Commercial and civil litigation relates to disputes between individuals or companies that is not of a criminal nature. Examples of such disputes include, but are not limited to, claims for wrongful dismissal, property damage, negligence, personal Injuries, neighbourhood disputes, estate litigation (challenging a Will), debt recovery, breach of contract and alike.

This area of law also includes recovery of damages following motor vehicle accidents when vehicles are uninsured, or when excess costs are prohibitive. We are also able to assist in the recovery of unpaid wages (or contract payments) and recovery of that debt when you thought you would never see the money again.

Hire a litigation lawyer who gives it to you straight

We pride ourselves on always being honest and presenting the facts as they are. This is one of the reasons why our commercial lawyers have become a trusted name on the Gold Coast when it comes to professional legal advice.

Legal advice that won’t break the bank

Our fixed costs provide certainty and are close to fees that you would be able to recover on the Court Scale when you are successful in the proceedings.

We can offer competitive, fixed rates to body corporates and businesses to recover outstanding invoices and levies. We offer a flexible service that aims to accommodate your specific budget whilst still maintaining a quality level of legal advice.

Debt Management

If you owe a debt that you cannot afford to pay as a lump sum, then we can assist you with an application to the Court to permit you to pay the debt by instalments. We can help with preparation of Deeds of Acknowledgement of Debt and Deeds of Settlement with respect to debt payment.

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