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Anti-Discrimination & Unfair Dismissal

Anti-Discrimination & Unfair Dismissal

Talk to our anti-discrimination and unfair dismissal lawyers on the Gold Coast

We strongly believe in a fair workplace practice and strive to fight for the average working Australian who feels they have been discriminated against. Our unfair dismissal lawyers have extensive experience dealing with wrongful termination cases on the Gold Coast and can help guide you through the often complicated legal process.

We understand that being unfairly dismissed can be an emotional and stressful time which is why our lawyers only offer sound legal advice to ensure the matter is resolved as quickly as possible.

Our unfair dismissal lawyers are ready to assist

Our team of experienced lawyers can assist with complaints to The Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland (ADCQ) and ultimately QCAT to ensure the process is handled correctly.

Under Queensland’s anti-discrimination laws, employers must offer equal employment opportunities from the recruitment and interview process through to their resignation, retrenchment or redundancy.

Types of unfair treatment include age discrimination, gender, impairment or injury, pregnancy and breastfeeding, race and religion, sexual harassment and sexuality discrimination.

Do you believe you’ve been unfairly dismissed?

If you think you’ve been wrongfully terminated due to one form of discrimination or another, then we want to hear about it. Our lawyers can help construct a customised claim for you that will achieve a favourable result, and do so with a fixed price guarantee.

This is our point of difference from the competition. We’ve structured our services to be available to almost everybody and offer a team of unfair dismissal lawyers who genuinely wish to help Gold Coast locals.

The importance of aligning yourself with a capable law firm

It can often feel like it’s you verses the world when you go up against your previous employer with an unfair dismissal claim. When you do face them, you can guarantee that they’ll be sure to have a competent lawyer ready to pick apart your argument. This is why it’s advisable to arm yourself with a dedicated legal service of your own, one who understands the legal process inside and out and can use their in-depth industry knowledge to your advantage.

If you feel you have been discriminated against or unfairly dismissed, we can assist. Get in contact with us today on 13 20 30.

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