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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

At The Law Shack, we operate on a fixed price basis when it comes to recovering debts for our clients. In fact, our fixed prices are set amongst the lowest you will find to ensure they do not eat into the hard earned money you are trying to recover.

People are able to seek to recover debts of up to $25,000 themselves via the Queensland Consumer and Administrative Tribunal (‘QCAT’). However, when seeking to recover a debt in QCAT they are unable to have legal representation at the hearing and often face lengthy delays.

Further, if the QCAT process does not result in the debtor paying the debt as directed a person is then required to commence enforcement proceedings (or walk away from the debt) in the Magistrates Court (see step two below….)

How we do things better as debt recovery lawyers

It is our experience that there are two benefits of retaining a lawyer to recover a debt. Firstly, the debtor (the person owing the money) is much more likely to pay the debt upon receiving a formal letter of demand from a lawyer because they realise things are now pretty serious! Secondly, we are able to commence proceedings and represent our clients in the Magistrates Court which is typically a faster process and presents greater financial consequences to the debtor for failing to pay debts that are rightfully owing.

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