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Drink Driving and Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices

I am often asked the question ‘Will I need to have an ignition interlock device fitted to my vehicle” upon a client being charged with a drink driving offence.
The answer to this question is yes, if you plead (or are found) guilty with respect to any of the following offences:-

• Driving under the influence of alcohol/with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.15 or higher
• Failing to provide a blood or breath specimen for analysis when asked by the police to do so;
• Dangerous driving while affected by alcohol, or
• Any drink driving offence if you have previously been convicted of a drink driving offence of any kind within 5 years.


What are Alcohol Ignition Interlocks?

Alcohol ignition interlocks are breath test devices which are connected to the ignition of a vehicle.

You will need to blow into the device and the vehicle will not start if alcohol of any level of alcohol is detected.

The device must remain fitted to your vehicle for a period of at least twelve (12) months.

These devices are fitted as part of an “Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program”, which is ordered by the Court as part of the penalty upon conviction.

Whist undergoing the program your licence will show an ‘I’ condition (for ‘interlock’).

You can choose not to have an approved interlock fitted, however if you do so you will not be able to legally drive a motor vehicle for another 2 years after your disqualification period has ended.


What is the process involved?
Upon the Court convicting you for one of the prescribed offences, you will be disqualified for driving for a period of time. Once that disqualification ends, you will need to apply to the Department of Transport and Main Roads for a probationary licence with an ‘I’ condition.

You will need to contact an approved interlock provider and arrange to have an interlock installed in your vehicle.

You will have to pay for all of the costs of installing and removing, renting and servicing the interlock device.


How we can assist?
At The Law Shack we are able to represent you in all Court Appearances and achieve for you the lowest possible disqualification period and fine (or other penalty). We also able to guide and assist you with the interlock process if it applies to you and you are placed on the program.

We will also provide you with a low fixed fee price for the entire process, and we will allow you to pay this fixed fee with flexible payment options available.

Please call us on 13 20 30 arrange for a free introductory first meeting with us.


Gary Mallett

Associate Director

The Law Shack

  • 27 Jan | '2015



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